Jessi and Julia.
  • The Julia Child philosophy is a good one to swear by. I do.

    She writes in her memoir, My Life in France, “This is my invariable advice to people: learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun.”

    America’s chef, television impresaria and author taught us to laugh in the face of our burnt sauces and too-thin cakes—to plow ahead, to row when no wind blows the sails.

    This blog, a hub for homework, research and extra bits, is my own rendering of her voraciousness: hence, levine (that is, jessi levine) eats.

    Bon appétit.

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live blog: a snafu, a solution

Ran into a snafu: my plan to use the (non-techie) program iMapFlickr fell through. While a offering a slick, customizable interface, the service only allows one Flickr set per map – thereby dashing my plan to incorporate several users’ tea-related photos in one place. I then had the idea of adding photos to a Flickr … Continue reading

live blog: tea and firewalls

Likely among others, the following countries block Flickr access: China, Myanmar, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and the United Arab Emirates – the latter being the top annual per capita tea-consuming nation in the world. Naturally, technologies (like TorGuard) exist to leap these proverbial firewalls. I’ll keep this in mind as I search Flickr for UAE-based … Continue reading

live blog: a re-blog

Originally posted on Icetea8:
List of countries by tea consumption per capita From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   This is a list of countries ordered by annual per capita consumption of tea, as of 2009. Rank Country Tea consumption 1  United Arab Emirates 6.24 kg (220 oz) 2  Ireland 3.22 kg (114 oz) 2  Mauritania 3.22 kg (114 oz) 4  Turkey…

live blog: memes to tea to شاي

Memes, culled from Flickr as a representation of global digital culture (idea #1), are a no-go…it seems only Americans (and expats) tagged their photos with “memes.” This is likely due to a loss in translation (a search for in Paris, for example, generated hits for même). I should have known. I have since shifted my topic … Continue reading

haruki murakami quotes

Haruki Murakami quotes.

Originally posted on
by Lisa Middleton We have a few really exciting initiatives that we’re launching during our 2013 season: 2-for-1 Tuesdays, our pre-season price promise, the Stratford Direct bus, and The Forum! Here’s a bit more information about these programs. 2-for-1 Tuesdays We’re taking a hint from the movies and launching…

review: “my video project”

part one: a description Taylor wends public access, point of view (POV) clips of drag/formula racing with racing footage of her own. part two: an addendum Want to know what it’s like to be, well, punched at without stepping into a dojo? As a martial arts junkie (taekwondo, karate, and ninjutsu), I appreciate how POV … Continue reading

review: “different worlds”

part one: a description To a folk-ish cover of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” Michelle splices a public access video of a crow perched on power lines into home point-of-view/weather shots of the ocean. part two: an addendum Just as a good, dry red pairs with pasta, jazz gives soul to our surroundings. A … Continue reading

review: “going inside CNN”

part one: a description Paula links a public access clip of CNN’s Anderson Cooper introducing Jon Hammond with home footage—point-of-view shots filmed entering the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia. part two: an addendum Even in Michigan, Hurricane Sandy is wreaking havoc. A nod to the CNN reporters stationed (cold and damp) along the Eastern Seaboard … Continue reading

review: “the myth of lincoln”

part one: a description Aaron pairs clips from public access documentary Monumental Myths with home footage—point-of-view shots filmed at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. part two: an addendum Say what you will about Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight book and movie series but it is, indeed, vamp season. So, considering Aaron’s montage and theme, I thought … Continue reading