Review: “A Narrative Based on Don DeLillo’s Baader-Meinhof”

part one: description

Complementing Don DeLillo’s “Baader Meinhof,” a story of a chance encounter, Taylor rehashes an unanticipated (I think) nighttime walk through a District neighborhood known to have a “high crime rate.”

She recalls the appearance of another woman—who, reason unbeknownst, jumps suddenly behind a parked car.

Taylor initially freezes but, when the stranger continues forward, she, too, moves.

Cautiously, a few paces behind, completely aware.

She writes, “We stopped a couple more times when strange noises occurred or if we heard police sirens. Then, the woman seemed to see something behind me and started to sprint. Not stopping to consider what she might have seen, I sprinted to the gas station as well.”

Taylor and the apparent-antagonist meet inside the gas station; and, as it were, both were innocently anticipating one other’s (dare I say) dastardly motives.

part two: addendum

I was, truthfully, edgy enough reading the static text (kudos to you, T)—but, boy, would this retelling be fun with sound.

The following effects come from these neat little websites (here, here and here):


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