review: “podcast project”

part one: a description

Michelle, a flautist, introduces Katherine Hoover’s solo flute piece “Winter Spirits” over three micro-podcasts.

Relying primarily on voice-overs, and a layered, looped line of music, Michelle explained that this “free-flowing” piece was inspired by four Native American kachinas—spirits or personifications of things in the real world.

I happen to be a kachina collector.

part two: addendum

Collector of the cosmos? Not quite.

Writes anthropologist Dr. Alice Schlegel in an essay:

Kachina dolls, those representations of the dancers who impersonate the supernatural kachinas, have captured the fancy of many art lovers for their colorfulness, the skill with which they are frequently made, and the variety of kachina forms they represent.

All made by Navajo artisans, my own complements to Michelle’s work below. Each, per “Winter Spirits'” folklore, are representations of nature (L-R and clockwise, a wolf, eagle, mouse, and another eagle).


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