review: “we’re a mixed bunch”

part one: a description

Relying largely on field recordings and interviews, Amy introduces her group of expatriate friends, their feelings on the American presidential election as denizens (that is, denied citizens), and their penchant for classic rock (groovy, Steppenwolf).

part two: addendum

Though having always lived in the United States, I can imagine that Amy and her international cohorts miss some of the comforts of home; being an amateur baker and (unabashedly) veteran eater, I naturally assume that such comforts involve food.

Accordingly, five dishes juxtaposed to their native countries:


Toad in the hole (apologies, A, if you don’t actually like this), from BBC’s Good Food blog

“An indulgent favourite comes bursting to life in this luxurious recipe – everyone loves a good toad in the hole.”


Welsh rarebit, from The Pioneer Woman blog

“I’m positively certain Dick van Dyke ate this traditional English dish of savory cheese sauce served over toast.”


Bolo prestígio (that looks delicious), from União

Wishing I could understand Português.


Khao soi, from Anne’s Kitchen blog

“One of my favourite dishes in Thailand was Khao Soi – a Northern Thai curry, made with egg noodles and chicken. It’s not as spicy as the typical Thai curries, made with green or red curry paste. This one is far gentler and more subtle in taste. Khao Soi is traditionally eaten for lunch around Chiang Mai.”


Aloo gosht, from Sinfully Spicy blog

“Simple, homey & satisfying – plain soul food for us. A tradition which conjures up numerous childhood memories.”

4 Responses to “review: “we’re a mixed bunch””
  1. Jessica, what an imaginative response! And actually, you’re spot on with toad in the hole – it’s one of my favorites 🙂

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