review: a day in the barn at the SPCA

part one: a description

Using looped bango music, field recordings and voice-overs, Andrea introduces the SPCA for Monterey County—a working barn and humane (dog, cat, horse, chicken, chinchilla, lizard, you name it) rescue organization.

During her recurring shifts, Andrea cleans the coops, cages, and horse stalls, and spreads tilled, chopped manure over 150 acres of pasture.

All hard work that my dog Violet and I thoroughly appreciate.

part two: addendum

I adopted my Border collie-Jack Russell terrier mix last year from the Homeward Bound Rescue League (HBRL), a no-kill dog and cat rescue organization based in Canton, Michigan.

Violet (then Midnight) had been pulled from her mother and litter by backyard breeders at two weeks old. Because of her too-large ears and non-Border coloring, Violet was pegged for euthanasia; but not before HBRL swooped in.

They brought her to Canton in a pink puppy sweater (her skin was itchy). Today, despite a fear of noises (particularly the air brakes on buses), she is a thriving Kong and peanut butter enthusiast.

And she sleepily says thanks. Thanks to gals like Andrea who believe in second chances:

Violet and her aunt Juno, a rescued golden retriever-Irish setter mix.


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