live blog: memes to tea to شاي

Memes, culled from Flickr as a representation of global digital culture (idea #1), are a no-go…it seems only Americans (and expats) tagged their photos with “memes.” This is likely due to a loss in translation (a search for in Paris, for example, generated hits for même). I should have known.

I have since shifted my topic to tea.

Outside of its delicious pairing with shortbread, tea is social. It is ceremonylorecomforttrade, and spirited rebellion.

A mash-up of Flickr and Google Maps (inspired by earth album alpha) will, in the attitude of visual potlucks like TasteSpotting, accordingly allow users to explore photos of tea (shops, cups, pots, and mood) from around the world.

Per Gabe’s advice, I did preliminary Flickr searches for tag “tea” to great success.

Rhetorical question: should my project consider “tea” in other languages? Te, as in Icelandic and Swedish? شاي, as in Arabic?

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