live blog: a snafu, a solution

Ran into a snafu: my plan to use the (non-techie) program iMapFlickr fell through. While a offering a slick, customizable interface, the service only allows one Flickr set per map – thereby dashing my plan to incorporate several users’ tea-related photos in one place. I then had the idea of adding photos to a Flickr … Continue reading

live blog: tea and firewalls

Likely among others, the following countries block Flickr access: China, Myanmar, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and the United Arab Emirates – the latter being the top annual per capita tea-consuming nation in the world. Naturally, technologies (like TorGuard) exist to leap these proverbial firewalls. I’ll keep this in mind as I search Flickr for UAE-based … Continue reading

live blog: a re-blog

Originally posted on Icetea8:
List of countries by tea consumption per capita From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   This is a list of countries ordered by annual per capita consumption of tea, as of 2009. Rank Country Tea consumption 1  United Arab Emirates 6.24 kg (220 oz) 2  Ireland 3.22 kg (114 oz) 2  Mauritania 3.22 kg (114 oz) 4  Turkey…

live blog: memes to tea to شاي

Memes, culled from Flickr as a representation of global digital culture (idea #1), are a no-go…it seems only Americans (and expats) tagged their photos with “memes.” This is likely due to a loss in translation (a search for in Paris, for example, generated hits for même). I should have known. I have since shifted my topic … Continue reading