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a grand spectacle

Co-leader of the German militant group Red Army Faction, or the eponymous Baader-Meinhof Gang, Andreas Baader once tripped on four hits of LSD. “You are only meant to take one,” said former girlfriend Ello Michel in an interview with BBC. “His mother was visiting by chance and she had made this dish—pork in aspic. He … Continue reading

the three little pigs, retold: a wolf’s story

the three little pigs, retold: a wolf’s story by jessica levine * “Presently came along a wolf, and knocked at the door, and said, “Little pig, little pig, let me come in.” That, friends, is the only part of the folktale the English didn’t spin to pigs’ gain. Here’s the brief, three-part truth of the matter: … Continue reading

Meme Watch: There Xi Is!

A chapter in the strange saga of China’s missing leader-to-be recently drew to a close. After a still-unexplained two-week absence from public view, Xi Jinping, the Heir Apparent due to succeed President Hu Jintao next spring, was photographed on Saturday by Xinhua News Agency on the campus of China Agricultural University in Beijing. Wearing a … Continue reading