Jessica Levine is marketing coordinator for Canton Leisure Services, an arm of the Charter Township of Canton, Mich. that welcomes children, teens, adults, and seniors to a variety of recreational programming.

In this role, Levine moderates several Facebook and Twitter accounts, and drafts press release and email newsletter content.

These professional experiences have complemented Levine’s coursework at Johns Hopkins University where she is pursuing a master’s degree in digital communication. Levine first developed this taste for journalism at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Mich. where she received the Distinction in Professional Writing honor for her work reporting, peer tutoring, copy-editing, and designing on campus.

A proud Midwesterner and a student of culture, Levine has since grabbed bylines in American Road magazine, AnnArbor.com, Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine, FlyoverCulture.com, The Atlantic, and Tea Leaf Nation—an Atlantic partner site examining the Chinese Web.

She has been retweeted by Ai Weiwei, China’s famous artist and political dissident; served as a ghost-blogger for Chai Ling, student leader during the Tiananmen Square movement; and was cited on Roadfood.com, Jane and Michael Stern’s local eats website.

Levine lives with her sassy Border collie-mix, Violet.


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