review: “f22 demo”

Sidebar: I’m channeling Kenny Loggins and Goose. part one: a description Tyler juxtaposes a public access video of a tricking Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor with home footage—a shot tracking his entrance into Langley Air Force Base. part two: an addendum Interestingly, YouTube recommended the feature-length trailer for Sony Pictures’ Skyfall—the 23rd installment of the James … Continue reading

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Jessica’s video begins with a scene of a table shaking – on the table are a number of items, including a copy of team, some crackers, a picture of her grandmother, and a letter from her grandfather during WWII. All of the items on the table are rattling around due…

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The Bleach Blog.

carry on.

An English-made tea mug and holder, a tea infuser, McVitie’s Biscuits, an era photograph of my grandmother, and an era letter written by my grandfather juxtaposed with a clip from Why We Fight: a seven-part documentary series commissioned by the United States government during World War II. Directed by Frank Capra.

Ironic. Ironic and sad.

review: “exploring a turkey burger through sound”

part one: a description Delicious field recording: Over three micro-podcasts (here, here, and here), Aaron takes his audience to the grocery store (“If you have a bonus card, please scan it now!”) and into the kitchen for turkey burger time—which, as it were, has its own jovial, remixed theme song. The cookery sounds made me, … Continue reading

review: a day in the barn at the SPCA

part one: a description Using looped bango music, field recordings and voice-overs, Andrea introduces the SPCA for Monterey County—a working barn and humane (dog, cat, horse, chicken, chinchilla, lizard, you name it) rescue organization. During her recurring shifts, Andrea cleans the coops, cages, and horse stalls, and spreads tilled, chopped manure over 150 acres of … Continue reading

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Description In her podcast project (part one, two, three), Jessica explores recorded sounds both on their own and in relation to a voice over she places in the center of the work. Her first podcast establishes the sound of rain as an important character in her narrative and helps create…

review: “we’re a mixed bunch”

part one: a description Relying largely on field recordings and interviews, Amy introduces her group of expatriate friends, their feelings on the American presidential election as denizens (that is, denied citizens), and their penchant for classic rock (groovy, Steppenwolf). part two: addendum Though having always lived in the United States, I can imagine that Amy … Continue reading