review: “the myth of lincoln”

part one: a description Aaron pairs clips from public access documentary Monumental Myths with home footage—point-of-view shots filmed at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. part two: an addendum Say what you will about Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight book and movie series but it is, indeed, vamp season. So, considering Aaron’s montage and theme, I thought … Continue reading

review: “exploring a turkey burger through sound”

part one: a description Delicious field recording: Over three micro-podcasts (here, here, and here), Aaron takes his audience to the grocery store (“If you have a bonus card, please scan it now!”) and into the kitchen for turkey burger time—which, as it were, has its own jovial, remixed theme song. The cookery sounds made me, … Continue reading

Originally posted on storied bits:
Description In her podcast project (part one, two, three), Jessica explores recorded sounds both on their own and in relation to a voice over she places in the center of the work. Her first podcast establishes the sound of rain as an important character in her narrative and helps create…

Review: “The Girl Conversation from Ipanema”

part 1: a description Aaron prefaces “The Girl Conversation from Ipanema,” a spinoff of Don DeLillo’s short story “Baader-Meinhof,” with a subheading. He writes, “Reading ‘Baader-Meinhof’ reminded me of a time in my past when a random interaction with someone in a new setting had a small but surprisingly profound impact on my life.” We … Continue reading