review: “exploring a turkey burger through sound”

part one: a description Delicious field recording: Over three micro-podcasts (here, here, and here), Aaron takes his audience to the grocery store (“If you have a bonus card, please scan it now!”) and into the kitchen for turkey burger time—which, as it were, has its own jovial, remixed theme song. The cookery sounds made me, … Continue reading

review: a day in the barn at the SPCA

part one: a description Using looped bango music, field recordings and voice-overs, Andrea introduces the SPCA for Monterey County—a working barn and humane (dog, cat, horse, chicken, chinchilla, lizard, you name it) rescue organization. During her recurring shifts, Andrea cleans the coops, cages, and horse stalls, and spreads tilled, chopped manure over 150 acres of … Continue reading

review: “afghanistan”

part one: a description Set to looped sitar music and punctuated by first-person narration, interviews with Afghani citizens, and sound bites from President Obama, Denise looks (here and here, too) at the repercussions of a withdrawal of foreign combat troops in Afghanistan. She speaks to Sayid and Ahmadullah, who equally fear a “return of the … Continue reading

review: “podcast project”

part one: a description Michelle, a flautist, introduces Katherine Hoover’s solo flute piece “Winter Spirits” over three micro-podcasts. Relying primarily on voice-overs, and a layered, looped line of music, Michelle explained that this “free-flowing” piece was inspired by four Native American kachinas—spirits or personifications of things in the real world. I happen to be a … Continue reading

part two: beat.

Two tracks in one: a voice-over of my own writing and drops of water. Drops of water (amplified, then looped) made in sink.

part one: rain with fades.

(A better version of) rain tapping on gutter, looped.