review: “going inside CNN”

part one: a description Paula links a public access clip of CNN’s Anderson Cooper introducing Jon Hammond with home footage—point-of-view shots filmed entering the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia. part two: an addendum Even in Michigan, Hurricane Sandy is wreaking havoc. A nod to the CNN reporters stationed (cold and damp) along the Eastern Seaboard … Continue reading

review: “afghanistan”

part one: a description Set to looped sitar music and punctuated by first-person narration, interviews with Afghani citizens, and sound bites from President Obama, Denise looks (here and here, too) at the repercussions of a withdrawal of foreign combat troops in Afghanistan. She speaks to Sayid and Ahmadullah, who equally fear a “return of the … Continue reading

part three: sword fight.

Unsheathing, cookie tray off of a table edge; swords, hot dog fork on trowel in garage; and tea, in my kitchen.

Review: “A Narrative Based on Don DeLillo’s Baader-Meinhof”

part one: description Complementing Don DeLillo’s “Baader Meinhof,” a story of a chance encounter, Taylor rehashes an unanticipated (I think) nighttime walk through a District neighborhood known to have a “high crime rate.” She recalls the appearance of another woman—who, reason unbeknownst, jumps suddenly behind a parked car. Taylor initially freezes but, when the stranger continues … Continue reading